7 Hottest Celebrity Hair Color Changes This Season ...

Hottest celebrity hair color came in every color under the spectrum this year, giving fashion and beauty magazines a lot of things to write about and fans tons of great styles to emulate! Some celebrity makeovers have been better than the rest, while some celebrity hair trends have caught us by surprise, and other choices have left us breathless! What an incredible year, huh? Well, take a look at my personal faves and do feel free to add your own:

1. Michelle Williams’ Caramel Tones

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Surprising the public probably wasn’t on top of Michelle’s list of things to do in the first days of 2012 but she’s managed to do in anyways, giving magazines a new thing to talk about and the beauty fans a new hottest celebrity hair color to emulate! Much darker than her previous icy shade, the new mix of gold and caramel with just a touch of strawberry has really done it for her!

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