10 Hottest Celebrity Hairstyles ...

While everyone else seems more concerned with what their favorite celebs are wearing this summer, I’m a lot more interested in how they’re wearing their hair! I’ve been searching for a new hairstyle and who better to help me choose than my own best beauty buddies, my favorite actresses and other celebrities! They have teams of pros dedicated to making them look polished, sexy, and gorgeous, so why not borrow a few ideas from them? If you’re in the market for a new ‘do, keep reading! Here are the 10 hottest celebrity hairstyles, and which of our favorite celebs rock them out!

1. Pixie Cut

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Celebrities who rock this hair style: Emma Watson, Michelle Williams
It’s official: with hot celebs like Emma Watson and Michelle Williams rocking this hot celebrity hairstyle, this summer is the Season of the Pixie Cut. It’s short and simple, and incredibly cute. Anyone can wear it, and it’s super-easy to care for and style. I speak from experience, since I had a pixie cut this spring. One note of caution, though: super-short haircuts like Emma Watson’s pixie cut MUST be styled every morning — the bed-head is extreme!

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