How to Part Your Hair to Flatter Your Face Shape ...


I always think face shapes are interesting. I love learning about how different hairstyles can flatter your face shape or what sunglasses are right for each. This article is to give you some guidance on how to part your hair to flatter your face shape. It’s a simple adjustment you can make to your hairstyle with a huge impact!

1. Figure out Your Face Shape

This is step one because you can’t exactly pinpoint the best way to part your hair to flatter your face shape if you don’t know what it is! You can easily figure this out by looking in a mirror and using a lip balm, lip liner or other washable makeup product to draw a line around the perimeter of your face in the mirror. Step back and see what shape your face most closely resembles. This website by offers you more guidance on figuring this out. It also has a quiz to help.

Go for a Middle or Deep Side Part if Your Face is round
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