9 Mind-Blowing Dyes πŸŒˆπŸ–Œ for Your Most Surreal Unicorn Hair πŸ¦„ Ever ...

Unicorn hair is so it! And finally Lime Crime is giving us its magical Unicorn Hair Dyes πŸ¦„ to let us show our true color 🌈! Your look will be extra otherworldly with these pigmented, totally vegan, semi-permanent unicorn hair dyes! All the awesome packages below contain a magical ✨ gel hair dye that's usually used by unicorns and that’s a breeze to apply and that fades beautifully as time goes on.

How to Get Your Unicorn Hair πŸ¦„:

πŸ’œ For best results, start with pre-bleached, dry hair.
πŸ’œ Wear protective gloves and, working in 1 inch wide strands, apply color evenly. Massage each strand to ensure even distribution of color.

πŸ’œLeave in for 1+ hour. Don’t worry, Unicorn Hair won’t damage your luscious locks.
πŸ’œRinse hair until water runs clear.

Done 🌈 🌟 βœ¨πŸ’–! Now choose the color:

1. Neon Peach Unicorn Hair Dye, $18

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Find it here: dollskill.com

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