7 Ponytails That Look Adorable ...

I've bemoaned my short hair dozens of times. Although I like the cool factor, especially in the summer, I've been missing the ability to wear my hair in a ponytail – but I'm not anymore. In doing some hairdo recon, I've discovered something awesome: ponytails are almost always possible. If your hair has at least a little length, you're generally in luck – and if your hair is really long, you've got a ton of options. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, there are several ponytails that look adorable – and may work for you!

1. High and Flippy

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Photo Credit: eternal sunshine

Of all the ponytails that look adorable, high ones are probably my favorite. Secured high up on the crown, these ponytails are fun and flirty. They keep the hair off your neck, they bounce when you walk, and with the right kind of outfit, they look absolutely perfect. You don't want it right on top of your head, of course, but toward the back – and if the hair falls with a flip, so much the better!

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