Late Summer Braid Tutorials for Natural Hair ...

Summer isn’t over yet and a braid is the best look for the rest of the hot days ahead of you. A braid is super easy to do and keeps your hair off your neck so you can stay cool and fresh all day long. A braid might look easy, but they can get the best of any girl, myself included, especially if you want to do something fancy with your natural hair. Sometimes it’s easier to get the job done if you can watch someone else do it. Thank goodness for YouTube because there are loads of tutorials for doing a great summer braid. Here are some of the best. Happy braiding!

1. Crochet Braids

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This type of braid mimics the look of naturally curly hair. You’ll braid your hair straight to the scalp, but then add extensions to fill out the look. This is an easy way to braid natural hair and gives you a full look that is easy to do and looks really fantastic. This is a look that can carry you from summer to fall and beyond. Use this cool tutorial to help you finish the look just the way you want it.

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