7 Things You Can Use to Curl Your Hair That Are Totally Genius ...

If your hot rollers are out of commission, you need to see this list of things you can use to curl your hair. Imagine life before the wonders of heated beauty products! It’s tough to envision, I know, but back in the day, women had to achieve their beautiful curls from items that didn’t plug in. Luckily, that means you can get lustrous curls even if you don’t own a curling iron or set of hot rollers. I love curls when I wear my hair down and I think you’re going to feel the same way once you see this genius list of things you can use to curl your hair.

1. A Headband

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One of the best things you can use to curl your hair is a headband. Sounds strange, I know, but stick with me here. Place the headband around your head so it sits on your forehead and comes down to the base of your neck in the back. It will look kind of like a hippie style. Then, separate your damp hair into sections, twist them and bring the ends up to secure under the headband. Use small sections for lots of curls and larger ones if you want looser, wider curls. Leave the headband on until morning, then loosen your twists and you’re all set.

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