7 Things You Need to Remember when You Choose a Drastic Hair Color Change ...

A drastic hair color change requires some adjustments. Even if it is a drastic hair color change that you have been coveting for a long time, you will still have to make some adjustments. You also need to be prepared for the fact that some people will love it and others, not so much. Let’s get into the specific things to remember when you change your hair color drastically.

1. People Will Be Shocked

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Number one, people will be shocked when you choose a drastic hair color change. This is to be expected. After all, you would be shocked if you saw someone and they suddenly had a vastly different hair color than the last time you saw them. People may make some really thoughtless comments when they see you with a completely different hair color. Many will come to love the new you in time.

2. Your Makeup Will Need Some Tweaking

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This is something that a lot of women do not anticipate when they make choose a drastic hair color change. If you go darker, your makeup is going to need to be tweaked to reflect that. Most likely, your makeup will need to pick up a bit darker shading, especially in lipsticks. Lipstick is the makeup item that most needs to be changed when you change your hair color. Additionally, if you lighten your hair, you may need to lighten up your choices in your makeup bag. It takes a bit of tweaking but you will eventually get it right.

3. Your Clothing Colors May Need Some Tweaking

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Your clothing colors may also need some tweaking when you choose a drastic hair color change. If you go from a blonde to a dark brunette, the pale pastels you have always worn may not be as flattering to you as they have been. That is only one example. For inspiration on what will work for you with your new hair color, look up some celebrities you admire with your new hair color and the clothing colors that they choose. This tip can also be helpful with choosing new makeup colors.

4. Your Hair May Need Some TLC

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Going for a drastic hair color change can be hard on your hair. If you find that your hair seems more dry and brittle after the color change, be kind to your hair and give it some tlc, or tender loving care. Invest in a good quality deep conditioner and use it weekly or as your stylist recommends. Don’t treat your hair roughly, either. You may want to cut back on the amount of heat styling you do until your hair has a bit of a recovery period.

5. Your Style May Change

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You may find that your style changes. We talked about how changing your hair color may mean that you change the color of clothing that you wear, but you also may change the style of clothing that you wear. You may decide that an edgier style suits you better now. You could also decide that a more frilly or feminine style goes better with your new hair color. Do whatever feels comfortable to you.

6. The Shock Will Wear off

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There is going to be a shock factor for you and everyone else when you change your hair color drastically. Even if you think that you are prepared for what you chose, you may be surprised by how surprised you feel when you look in the mirror. Rest assured that the shock factor is only temporary. You will soon adjust. Soon everyone will be used to the new you, too.

7. It’s Only Hair

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Remember, it’s only hair. If you end up deciding that the drastic hair color change is not for you, the good thing is it is only hair and it is totally fixable. My advice is to embrace the new color for a while before you decide if you should go back to your original color. Something different can be fun and pep up your style and your looks. If, after a few weeks, you find that you still feel uncomfortable with your new hair color, call your stylist.

A drastic hair color change can be a lot of fun but there are also some things you have to adjust when you choose to do this. What has your experience been with having a drastic hair color change? What did you find you needed to change or adjust?

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