7 Tips on How to Love Your Curly Hair and Rock It like a Superstar ...

If you are a curly girl like me then you are always up for tips on how to love your curly hair! There is no better way to wind down summer hair care than with praise to your curly, kinky, wavy, coily crowning glory! The warm weather was great (mostly) and afforded many a day to wear your mane wild and sweaty every day, all day. Now that fall is quickly approaching, below are some tips on how to love your curly hair and rock it like a superstar!

1. Free Flowing

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Over summer a wash-n-go was, and remains, my favorite go to style. It’s quick and easy and requires the low manipulation that my curly hair loves. While the random wild breeze will muss or tangle my hair a wee bit, wearing my hair free flowing is a comfortable way to transition in to fall. This is why this simple style is number one on my list of tips on how to love your curly hair.

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