7 Top Hair Products I'm in Love with Right Now ...

Top hair products I’m using and loving right now are not overly expensive and are quite easy to find which is definitely a good thing in case you’re looking for a new great hair product yourself. And whether it’s a supermarket or a beauty supply shop you like to shop at, I’m sure you’ve ran into these following items, not even realizing you’re looking at your next top hair product:

1. Nivea Diamond Gloss Hairspray

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Price: $5.99 at amazon.com
My greatest love of all times and one of my top hair products – this Nivea hairspray smells so wonderful and delivers awesome results! Now, I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate that heavy, fake scent most hairsprays have and I’m glad this one is totally different. However, great smell is not the only reason why I love it! There’s also that much-needed «strong hold» factor plus the fact that you can build it up or keep it natural by simply adding layers of it for a perfect look. And I’ve saved the best for last – once your big day is over and you’re ready to let down your updo, simply comb and detangle your hair and the stiffness will literally disappear!

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