7 Vintage Hairstyles That'll Look Fabulous Even Today ...

If you thought that a good therapist can never be replaced I am here to tell you how vintage hairstyles can save you a week’s copay. Jim Morrison once famously said «Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts». Yes, even men know the impact of a good (or bad) hairdo! I know I’m not alone when I say that a bad hair day will plummet my self-confidence from a ten to a zero before I even leave the house. My entire body will let me know that my hair is a mess: my shoulders will drop, and my otherwise flat stomach will suddenly look like I just ate a burger. When that happens I do what any sane woman does: I call my hairstylist and request an emergency appointment which, coincidentally, is where you will find me this weekend. These days I’m feeling retro so I’m considering vintage hairstyles. I love them all so help me filter through them:


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One of the most popular vintage hairstyles ever just landed back on today’s fashion radar. Mais oui, we’re bringing back the Pompadour! While made famous by the Marquise de Pompadour in the early 1700s this hairstyle has transcended several centuries and is making its mark again. The concept of the Pompadour is sweeping your hair upwards from the face and high over the forehead, while sometimes the hair is upswept around the sides and back. The modern version of the Pompadour, aka the fauxhawk, creates a fierce yet highly fashionable look which is why the fashion industry loves it so much. Miley Cyrus, Jenny McCarthy and Pink are just a few of today’s celebrities sporting the Pompadour.

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