7 Ways to Cope with a Bad Haircut ...


We have all been in the losing salon seat of a bad haircut. Whether your stylist was busy yapping, watching the news, or just plain unqualified to cut, the feeling of shame and disgust you feel when you are on the receiving end of a bad haircut is devastating. Outside of hiding behind your hat or resorting to a constant ponytail there are some options for ways that you can cope with a bad haircut until it grows back out or takes new form. The waiting in between does not have to leave your head hung in shame, or your hair hidden behind the ranks of a baseball cap. Here are 7 ways to cope with a bad haircut if it ever happens to you!

1. Find a New Stylist

Take the time to research stylists before you leave home. Find a new stylist that can work your bad cut into something attractive that you can live with. Be clear about what you want when you go in and be sure to tell them what you do not like about your current disaster.

Pull It Back
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