7 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Hair Brushing Routine ...

Your hair brushing routine is something you can maximize for the healthiest and best looking locks in town. Are you surprised? I was pretty shocked to find that I’m not always doing the best for my strands. If you’re anything like me, brushing your hair is a part of your routine that you do without thinking much about it. Turns out that’s not always a good thing. Check out these tips for making the most out of your hair brushing routine and you’ll be shocked at how much better your hair looks and feels.

1. Brush Regularly

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Brushing does more for your hair than just keeping it tangle free, although that’s the top reason women create a hair brushing routine in the first place. According to top hair stylists, brushing helps spread your healthy natural hair oils all through your strands, which promotes growth and shine. So, make sure you brush at least once each day.

2. Don’t Brush Wet

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I’m totally guilty of this, are you? Brushing after a shower is so much easier than combing, right? Well, it turns out that it’s not good for your lovely locks to brush them when they’re wet. Brushing wet hair can cause damage so make sure you dry your hair completely before running a brush through it.

3. Start at the Bottom

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This goes against everything you know, doesn’t it? It makes sense to brush from the top down, but experts say you should actually be doing the opposite. Starting at the bottom allows you to work out the tangles and create a smooth section to move the tangles at the top down and out. It’s hard to break the habit of brushing top to bottom, but if you can manage it, your strands are going to thank you.

4. Wash Your Brush

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You might not realize how gross your brush gets with time. I know it doesn’t cross my mind very often. The truth is that your brush is loaded with used product, dirt, germs and bacteria that you transfer to your hair with each use. Fortunately, you can easily remedy the problem by giving your brush a good washing at least once a month.

5. Use Serum First

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Many hair experts say that using a dab of serum before brushing your hair offers additional protection from breakage and damage. You only need a touch of serum and it should be in the middle and on the ends of your hair.

6. Brush in Sections

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Instead of just going to town with your brush, it’s a good idea to work in sections. This helps ensure that you’ve brushed all over, but also prevents damage from over brushing in some areas. Work with at least two or three sections, or more if you have thick or very long hair.

7. Choose the Right Brush

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None of the other steps matter if you’re using the wrong kind of brush. Some hair stylists recommend sticking with the traditional plastic bristle brush with those little balls at the end of each bristle. They leave you with far less damage than boar bristle or other types of brushes. If you need more help finding the right brush read this hair.allwomenstalk.com, or talk to your stylist.

Are you ready to make the most out of your hair brushing routine? I am trying really hard to remember not to brush right after a shower. Which of these steps is news to you?

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