7 Ways to Keep Your Hair Perfectly Straight despite the Weather ...


Perfectly straight hair often doesn’t just happen on its own…at least not for all of us who have been standing in the “curly” line when Mother Nature was giving away hair! And unlike straight-haired girls whose only problem and cause for frizz is hair damage, we, curlies, do need to put some amount of effort into achieving an absolutely perfect pin straight hairstyle. No need for a sad face, lovelies, as there are plenty of tricks to help you ward off frizz and ensure that, once you straighten your hair, it stays that way until the next wash!Take a peek at this list below to find a new tip for straight hair to add to your styling routine:

1. Finish off with a Cold Blow

Straightening hair can be such hard work most of the time which, of course, makes us all want the style to last! The last thing we expect is for our perfect hairstyle to get all fuzzy and misshapen within the first couple of hours – right? Well, here’s a tip that’s going to get you that perfectly straight hair of your dreams! Once you’re done straightening each segment of hair, take a large square brush, adjust your hairdryer setting to “cold” and work those two together. Your hair will get much smoother and shinier but those are hardly the only benefits of it! Yup, you’ve guessed it – adding this simple step will ensure longer lasting pin straight hairstyle!

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