7 Ways to Make Your Fine Natural Hair Look Fuller ...

Naturally curly hair is often thought of as also being naturally thick. Well, that may be true for some curlies but not all. Some of us dream of having thick hair and wonder how to make our own appear fuller. Several factors like health, genetics, and medicine impact natural hair density but a few simple tips and tricks will make our hair look bigger when we want it to. If you are wondering how to increase the volume of your kinks and curls at any time, then give some of these suggestions a try.

1. 70/30 Dry

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This one is an oldie but a goodie, and for good reason: it works. If you want fuller looking natural hair let nature do the work. Cleanse according to your regular method, lightly apply product, squeeze out excess water and allow hair to air dry. This simple - albeit time consuming - technique helps your hair achieve a richer, fuller look. As your hair dries lift and separate into small sections to allow maximum airflow and increased volume.

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