7 Ways to Tell That Your Hair Hates a Product ...


Bad Hair Product can and often is the only thing responsible for all of your suffering and frequent bad hair days. You see, using the wrong hair products will make you feel like you’re really trying hard and get to you believe the problem is not you, or the lack of proper hair care, but your own hair instead. Luckily, using the wrong hair product or two isn’t the end of the world. We’ve all been there and learned quite a bit from those bad experiences, so here are a few tell-tale signs that suggest your hair is not really loving the products you use:

1. Matting

If your hair loses its natural luster after being treated with a certain product, you can rest assured that’s the wrong hair product for your hair. Now, I’m not saying we’re talking about a bad hair product per se, merely a product that isn’t good for your hair type. The matting effect is a result of too much of that product building up all over your hair-shaft which doesn’t only create an aesthetically unpleasing effect but can damage your hair in the long run as well.

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