7 Ways to Treat Thinning Hair ...


If you’re looking for ways to treat thinning hair, I’m sure there are many that sympathize. It’s easier to accept that as you age you will experience hair loss, but if there are piles in your hairbrush and you shed regularly, it can be alarming. Our hair is our crowning glory and it is linked to the confident way we face the world. A bad hair day is no joke after all. If you think too many of your lovely strands are flowing down the plughole or being sucked up by the vacuum, here are some ways to treat thinning hair that might work for you.

1. Diet

Your body including your skin, nails, and hair is a reflection of what you eat. You can’t expect your hair to be on its best behavior if you aren’t feeding it right. One of the best ways to treat thinning hair is to start with your diet. The key nutrients for healthy, lustrous hair are protein, zinc, iron and B12. This means you should be eating lots of fish, lean meat, leafy green vegetables, pulses and beans. Lisa goes into more detail about the best foods for hair here hair.allwomenstalk.com.

Reduce Stress
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