7 Worst Ingredients for Your Hair ...


You may think the most difficult decision youโ€™ll have to make when picking your shampoo and conditioner is choosing between Vivacious Vanilla and Marvelous Mango scent, but in reality you should be looking for the 7 worst ingredients for your hair. Keeping your locks lustrous and full of body can be as easy as switching the products you use on your hair. Look out for this list of the 7 worst ingredients for your hair and start a healthier routine today!

1. Sodium Laurel Sulfate

Youโ€™ve probably heard of this one before as one of the 7 worst ingredients for your hair. Also known as SLS, itโ€™s what gives your shampoo that foamy lather, and your eyes that tearful burning sensation. Itโ€™s usually tested as an irritant on lab animals where it has been found to cause eye damage (as well as in human children), severe skin irritations/corrosion, and immune system problems. Itโ€™s found to be absorbed easily, and stays in your body for up to 5 days after use. But whatโ€™s worse of all, is that leaves residual traces in the heart, liver, and lungs, and brain. Who knew that one wash could hurt you so much?

Sodium Laureate Sulfate
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