You're Fed up of Your Rainbow Hair. Now What?


Any brightly colored hair requires commitment. Unless you want to really put your tresses through the wringer, you’ve got to keep it for a while. But as fabulous as it is, you might get bored with it, the color fades and your roots start to show. So what now? Do you swap to a new bright shade or do you want to go back to your original color? Either way, this is how:

1. Let It Fade to Begin the Process

The very first step for how to get rid of rainbow hair, according to the majority of leading colorists, is to let it start to fade over time. Rather than dying it one new color straight away, let it begin to fade out and this will be much better for your hair health as it gives more recovery time in between color jobs. The longer you leave it to fade, the more success you will have in later steps.

If You Can’t Wait, then Always Go for Brown
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