7 Best Braid Tutorials on YouTube ...

This year will go down in history as the Year of the Braid โ€” everyoneโ€™s wearing them, from your favorite celebs (like Lauren Conrad) to that incredibly chic barista who makes your latte every morning.

If you long for the look, but canโ€™t quite get the braids you want, keep reading!

Iโ€™ve scoured YouTube and gathered all the cutest braids, right here in one spot.

So grab your comb and some hair elastics, and letโ€™s go!

Here are the 7 best braid tutorials on YouTube (or anywhere else)โ€ฆ

1. Mermaid French Braid for Long Hair

Wow, this looks so pretty!

I donโ€™t think I could have ever figured this one out if I didnโ€™t see this braid tutorial.

Itโ€™s very similar to a regular French braid, but youโ€™re only gathering tiny pieces of hair, mostly from the sides of your hairโ€ฆ and itโ€™s perfect for girls who wear hair extensions, too!

Ribbon Braid for Long Hair