7 Best Braid Tutorials on YouTube ...


This year will go down in history as the Year of the Braid — everyone’s wearing them, from your favorite celebs (like Lauren Conrad) to that incredibly chic barista who makes your latte every morning.

If you long for the look, but can’t quite get the braids you want, keep reading!3

I’ve scoured YouTube and gathered all the cutest braids, right here in one spot.

So grab your comb and some hair elastics, and let’s go!

Here are the 7 best braid tutorials on YouTube (or anywhere else)…

1. Mermaid French Braid for Long Hair

Wow, this looks so pretty!

I don’t think I could have ever figured this one out if I didn’t see this braid tutorial.

It’s very similar to a regular French braid, but you’re only gathering tiny pieces of hair, mostly from the sides of your hair… and it’s perfect for girls who wear hair extensions, too!

Ribbon Braid for Long Hair
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