7 Helpful Relaxed Hair Care Tips ...


Relaxed hair care is not as complicated or impossible to do as many would think, especially if you get your steps right and know how to care for relaxed hair. Sure, it requires a bit of time and effort, just as caring for any chemically processed hair, but the results are just amazing. So, in case you’re thinking about relaxing your hair or have already done it recently, here are a few basic tips on how maintain healthy relaxed hair that will be the envy of many:

1. Get Your Hair Done by a Pro

The first of my tips for relaxed hair would be to get your relaxer done by a trusted certified professional.

Don’t go to just any «certified professional» because I’ve heard stories and even saw shocking examples of the amount of damage self proclaimed «certified» stylists can do.

I’ve been through it as well and, although it wasn’t a relaxer but bleach instead the result was just as bad.

The person who does your hair doesn’t have to work in a fancy, high-priced salon and you don’t have to get ripped off to get a good hair job – all you need is a person who knows hair and is able to customize a procedure to give you the results you want with minimum hair damage.

2. Don’t Relax Too Often

Relaxed hair care doesn’t involve products only but frequency of your relaxing as well. General rule says that you’re not supposed to relax your hear more often than every 6-8 weeks. And that’s a minimum because, ideally, you should wait up to 12 weeks before relaxing new growth! It’s kind of like bleach – you don’t want your processed, sensitive bits to overlap because they are already weak and exposing them to such harsh chemicals yet again won’t make them straighter but cause them to break and fall off.

Follow up with the Right Products
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