10 Iconic Hairstyles That Everyone Should Have ...

What is your favorite #hairstyle ever? Was it long? Short? A great colour you loved, or inspired by your favorite actress or celebrity? Hairstyles are very personal #things. They can make or break your look, give you a whole new style and help you move on from past events. Considering cutting your hair? Here are 10 iconic hairstyles that every #woman should try at least once – and who we loved them on.

1. Pixie Crop

Pixie Crop

She’d played Hermoine Granger, with luscious, glossy locks, for a whole eight films – so it came as a real shock when Emma Watson stepped out without her locks. The actress was said to have been contracted to keep her #hair while shooting the series of films, and as soon as she could she had them cut into a chic pixie crop. Not only did it mark the end of her Harry Potter days – and the endless comparisons with Hermoine – but it also marked the start of her career as a great fashion and beauty icon. This gorgeous Mia Farrow inspired #look is perfect for when you need a fresh start!