7 Smart Tips on DIY Weaves ...


DIY weaves are one of the best ways to save cash during these troubling times yet still manage to have a fresh, new, totally sexy hairstyle whenever you wish! Now, I know that DIY weaves aren’t as easy to do as some may think and that you don’t want to end up ruining hair you’ve paid good money for so here are a few neat tips for DIY weaves and even a video or two to help you master this art:

1. Leave Enough Hair out

If you’re doing a basic sew-in weave, you might want to leave out the whole section of hair that will be your part as well as a thin section of hair on your hairline. These bits will require some styling before you go out but they’ll also make your DIY weave look natural and allow the hair around your face to grow undisturbed which, of course, means you don’t have to worry about thinning edges and receding hairline.

Braid Vertically
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