So Sweet for Summer! Try These 23 Half up, Half down Hair Styles ...


I don't know about you, but I'm already tired of my ponytail this summer!

I'm dying to try a pretty half-up, half-down style or two, so I've gathered a few tutorials to try.

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1. Three Headband Braids

Via 3 Easy-Peasy Headband Braid Hairstyles2

2. Short Hair Half up

hair,brown,hairstyle,clothing,long hair,

3. Twisted Crown

hairstyle,grass family,fur,textile,pattern,
Via 15 Stunning Half Up Half

4. The Twist

Via Braided Half-Up Tutorial - Inspired

5. Braided Half-up Hair

hair,hairstyle,blond,hair coloring,braid,
Via LuLu*s How-To: Half-Up Braided Hair

6. Pretty Twist

hair,brown,clothing,hairstyle,fashion accessory,
Via This Is What Happens When

7. Criss-Cross Half-up

hair,hairstyle,brown,hair coloring,long hair,
Via 25 Five Minute Or Less

8. Oh-so-Sweet

Via Community Post: 14 Impossibly Cute

9. Half-up Twist

Regency Pacific,hair,brown,hairstyle,brown hair,
Via 17 Spectacular DIY Hairstyle Ideas

10. Vintage Half-up

clothing,fashion,brand,neck,fashion design,
Via 15 Hair Tutorials For All

11. The Half-up Hair Knot

hair,brown,face,hairstyle,hair coloring,
Via 90s inspired hairstyle tutorial

12. Twisted Half-up

hair,hairstyle,brown,blond,long hair,
Via LuLu*s How-To: Twisted Half-up Hair

13. Half-up Braided Crown

hair,hairstyle,long hair,art,hairdresser,
Via Fashionable Half-up Half-down Hairstyles &

14. Twist Back

Via What are the 10 Biggest

15. Half-up Twist Bun

Divine Caroline,hair,hairstyle,long hair,hair coloring,
Via How to Create a Half-Up2

16. Belle’s Elegant Half-up Bun

Caring Hands,hair,clothing,hairstyle,brown,
Via Community Post: 7 Easy Hair

17. HaiR Bow

Via What are the 10 Biggest

18. Twisted Fishtail

hair,clothing,hairstyle,blond,long hair,
Via 10 Beautiful DIY Hairstyles to2

19. Ribbon Half Updo

Via Pretty Simple :: Put A

20. French Braid Tie Back

Be My Guest,hair,blond,hairstyle,face,
Via DIY French Braid Tie Back

21. The Twisted Hairband

human action,skin,food,grass family,coconut,
Via 15 Stylish Half up Half

22. Half-Crown Braid

hair,hairstyle,brown,fur,fur clothing,
Via Top 10 DIY Room Decor

23. 4-Strand Braid

Via 15 Stylish Half up Half
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