7 Ways to Protect Your Hair from the Sun ...


Everyone should know by now to protect their skin from too much sun exposure, but some people don't realize that you should also be following ways to protect your hair from the sun!

Too much sun exposure to your precious mane may lead to faded color, split ends, and a brittle, dry texture.

Thus, protecting your hair from the sun is essential for maintaining healthy hair and preventing irreversible damage!

This summer, make sure to follow these 7 ways to protect your hair from the sun!

1. Buy a Cute Hat or Scarf

Of all the ways to protect your hair from the sun, covering it up is obviously the best!

Whether you shop around for the perfect sun-hat or a light scarf to wrap your hair in, most cover-ups provide 100% protection from the sun's rays.

Of course, if portions of your hair hang out of the hat, you'll want to protect them in other ways!2

Wearing something to cover up your hair is also a great way to avoid sunburn to your scalp!

2. Use UV-Shielding Products

Just like you would apply sunscreen to your skin to prevent burns, you can apply product to your hair as well, to shield UV rays.

There are many products out there specifically designed to protect your hair from UV rays.

They also help prevent highlighted hair from lightening too quickly and can keep dark hair from turning brassy or red.

Keep in mind that these products always need to be applied to damp hair, otherwise they'll sit on the surface and won't sink into the hair.

You can also dilute some regular sunscreen with water and spray onto your hair with a squirt bottle!

3. Get a Haircut

It's always best to get a trim before the summer months.

The sun will do extra damage to hair with dead ends, so getting them trimmed off will put you in better shape to tackle the sun.

It's then recommended to hold off getting another trim until the summer is over.2

The summer will cause more dead ends, so it's best to get them cut off once the summer sun is gone!

Dampen Your Hair
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