7 Possible Reasons for Hair Loss ...


7 Possible Reasons for Hair Loss ...
7 Possible Reasons for Hair Loss ...

There are various reasons as to why people lose their hair. If you have started to notice more than normal hair in your brush each time you brush your locks, then you will need some remedies for hair loss. Before you search for those remedies, you first need to determine why your hair is falling out in the first place. Below, I am going to go over 7 possible reasons for hair loss.

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Poor Nutrition

Perhaps you have not been eating the right foods? When you do not get enough iron or protein or have poor nourishment, you can experience hair loss. Crash diets, eating disorders and those fad diets can cause you to have poor nutrition, which in turn leads to hair loss. So, make sure you start getting you proper balance of food. This is needed for many other reasons, besides your hair.


Medical Treatments

There are various medical treatments that can cause you to shed more than normal. When you go through radiation therapy or chemotherapy, you may develop what is known as alopecia. After treatment is finished, the hair usually starts to regrow.



Diabetes, Lupus and other diseases can cause you to lose your hair. This is why it is recommended that if you continue to experience hair loss, you need to go to the doctor.


Scalp Infection

Having infections and ringworms can cause hair loss. Ringworms can invade the skin of your scalp. Once you treat those infections, the hair should start to grow back. You can usually treat fungal infection and ringworms with an oral antifungal medication.


Hair Treatments

Yes, those hair treatments that we love so much could be the cause of your hair loss problem. Those chemicals from bleaching, dying, tinting, perms or straightening are harsh on the hair. Excessive brushing and overstyling can also be a reason you are losing hair.



When I was pregnant with my first child, I noticed an excessive amount of hair falling out. If this is happening for you and you are pregnant, don’t panic – it’ll get better.



For the number one factor of hair loss, I am going to include stress. Stress is something that many individuals in this world go through. I remember watching an episode of the Simpson’s where Marge kept losing her hair. It looked horrible and it was caused by stress. So, if you start to feel and look like Marge, try to distress yourself. There are various ways to distress yourself, like going on a vacation – even if it is for one day. If you’re like me and cannot go on a vacation as often as you like, then try having some “me” time. During “me” time, make sure you pamper yourself – you deserve it.

There you have 7 possible reasons for hair loss. There are many other reasons behind hair loss, but those are the common ones. If your hair loss continues, then you should speak with a professional about the problem. Have you experienced hair loss before?

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