7 Amazing Good-to-Know Hair Tips from Celebrity Stylists ...


Hair tips from celebrity stylists I’m going to list today will help you get celebrity hair without having to spend all of your limited, non-celebrity funds in doing so! Sounds unbelievable? Well, don’t jump to conclusions just yet… at least not before you give these hair tips a shot:

1. Mix, Match, save

The first on my list of hair tips from celebrity stylists is something we don’t get to hear very often – don’t splurge too much! Yes, it’s okay to mix cheap and expensive and you should most definitely do so , even if your hairdresser tries to get you to empty your wallet by getting a whole line of expensive additional products that «will work best with your shampoo». Experiment with both cheaper and more expensive brands until you find a perfect match because the price tag often doesn’t guarantee a product in question will be compatible with the rest of your hair care items or loved by your hair.

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