7 Dreadful Hair Mistakes You Need to Avoid ...


Looking through old yearbooks is like a catalog of all of the hair mistakes you should never, ever repeat. However, despite a few scrunchie and super-short bang mishaps, there are several mistakes you could be making now that are damaging your precious locks. Sure, hair eventually grows back and you can cut off those dead ends in the mean time, but why not take care of the hair you're sporting now to avoid a hair emergency? Check out these tips for avoiding hair mistakes:

1. Painful Ponies

If you're an avid hair-puller-backer, then you may be committing one of the worst hair mistakes. Don't get us wrongβ€”sometimes getting your hair out of your face is a huge therapeutic relief, but constantly tying hair back into a tight pony or messy bun can actually cause something called traction alopecia, where hair thins from damage to the follicles. Also, hair ties can cause breakage and damage to your strands, so if you want to pull your hair back (loosely, that is), consider a clip or a fabric hair tie.

Being Heat-Happy
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