7 Easy Hairstyles You Can do on the Go ...


Easy hairstyles on the go don’t have to (and shouldn’t) revolve around classic and low buns or classic and low ponytails! I know they are super-simple and pretty much the definition of hassle-free hairstyling, but why settle for less and risk getting stuck in a rut, when you can experiment with positively jaw-dropping styles that don’t require more time to be made? Yup, I think we’ll all agree that an easy on the go hairstyle is a must have and since I know you gals love to look chic when being busy, here’s a few video tutorials you’ll adore:

1. Easy on the Go Hairstyle for Natural Hair


First of all, let me just point of how much I love videos that look this real! You do it, undo it, redo it until it’s perfect…that’s the way it usually happens for me. And with that said, I urge you to take a look at this tutorial and see how to style your protective style and get it to look super cute. Let’s say you’ve slept in, decided you have absolutely no time to spend styling hair and literally jumped out of the house sporting a neat yet not very oh-my-gosh-worthy bun. Fear not, you can fix it anytime during the day and two to three hairclips and a cool accessory are all that’s needed!

Braided up do
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