20 Facts about Your Hair ...


Want to know some facts about your hair? I can’t claim to tell you everything you need to know about hair, but you’ll be better informed than before you read this article... and I’m sure you’ll find these facts about your hair interesting.

1. The Biology of Hair

There are essentially 2 parts to a human hair – the root and the shaft. The root sits in a well in the skin called a follicle, which contains sebum (oil) producing glands and a dermal papilla, which provides the nutrients for the hair to grow. The hair outside the skin – i.e. the visible bit, is the shaft. The facts about hair should also explain that the shaft is made up of 3 layers; a core of central cells called the medulla, a layer of protein fibers called the cortex, and finally, a layer of overlapping keratin cells called the cuticle. The composition of hair is generally 51% carbon, 21% oxygen, 17% nitrogen, 6% hydrogen and 5% sodium.

Chains and Bonds
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