9 Hair Care Products from LUSH for the Perfect Hair Day ...

Hair care products from LUSH will make sure you always have a great hair day. It doesn't matter whether your scalp is itchy or oily, whether your hair is thick or fine, you'll find something that suits your hair type. I've tried to showcase a versatile mix of hair care products from LUSH, but this is just a sampling of the fab products they offer. Don't be afraid to share your favorites, and feel free to browse for something tailored specifically to your hair type!

1. No Drought

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I use a lot of hair care products from LUSH myself and can personally vouch for this one. I hate washing my hair every day but also have no desire to go back to my '90s grunge roots by rocking an oily scalp. LUSH's No Drought dry shampoo gets rid of all that oil and gives you serious volume, all while giving your hair gorgeous texture and a wonderful matte finish. The scent is also tops, an intoxicating mix of lime and grapefruit that will leave you sniffing your locks all day. Depending on the size you buy, prices range between $6.95 and $13.95.

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