Girls with Limp Hair Will Love These Super Tips for Bouncier Hair 🍃👱 ...

Don't you want bouncy hair like the women on shampoo commercials? Well, there are some secrets that'll get you that locks you've always dreamed of. All you have to do is pay special attention to the way you style your hair and the products you put on it. If you're interested in looking fierce all day, every day, here are a few secrets that'll help you make your hair bouncier:

1. Air Dry Your Hair (for the Most Part)

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The best way to get bouncy hair is to use a combination technique when drying it. You don't want to start out with a blowdryer, but you don't want to air dry it for the entire time either. You want to air dry it until it's almost all the way dry, but then you should switch to using your hairdryer. Just make sure that you flip your head, so that your hair is upside down while you blow it. It'll give it that extra volume that'll make it look so bouncy.

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