7. Condition with Sandalwood Oil for a Lovely Shine

Condition with Sandalwood Oil for a Lovely Shine

The ends of your dry, brittle hair will surely thank you for this treat. And it’s leave-in, so no worrying about whether you’ve rinsed all of a messy mask out.


A few drops of sandalwood oil

A few drops of jojoba oil or olive oil


Mix together the two oils in your hand. Rub the mixture between your palms and then smooth over the ends of your hair.

If you want to use this for all over, you can, but just be careful not to use too much and be sure to smooth it all out. You want a sleek sheen, not a greasy look.

Don’t forget, ladies – these aren’t miracle cures for dry and damaged hair. You still need to eat a healthy diet, use the right products and style with sympathy (e.g. give the heat a miss occasionally).

What’s the bane of your dry hair? Frizz? Split ends? Lack of shine?

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