7 Quick Fixes for a Bad Hair Day ...


Bad Hair Day is a girl’s worst nightmare, not because we’re so vain but because a bad hair day rarely happens when we’re planning to stay in and will most likely occur on the day we have, for some reason, labeled “very important”. First school day, first date, a job interview or, even worst, your own birthday – there’s only so much of bad hair days girl can endure before taking the matters into her own hands. And, speaking about taking matters into your own hands, here are a couple of tips to help you do that:

1. Unruly Curls

Curly haired girls know that going to bed with a gorgeous hairstyle doesn’t have to mean you’re going to wake up with it! Yes, I’m talking about frizz, squished spots… you name it - It’s like a lottery! Luckily, what started like a bad hair day doesn’t have to end like one and you’ll need about 30 minutes to get your curls to look the way you want them to. First of all, check your hair to determine which parts still look good and which need immediate intervention. Comb the frizzy, poorly defined or squished parts to remove tangles, then run wet hands through them a few times to get them to be damp but not dripping wet. Add your favorite curl enhancing serum or leave in conditioner and let your curls dry while you’re dressing up and putting your make-up on. Once your hair is completely dry (and that won’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes) all you’ll need to do in order to give it shine and defeat any remaining frizz is a bit of silicone based serum.

Oily Hair
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