7 Simple Ways to Manage Oily Hair ...


For as long as I can remember, finding ways to manage oily hair has been a major part of my life. According to my mother, I am β€˜blessed’ with olive skin that tans naturally. However, this also means I have the type of hair that requires a daily wash. If I fail to wash it, I will look like I have been rolling around in fat. Or so I thought. There are ways to manage oily hair, which can be quite the life savers if you lead a busy lifestyle.

1. Avoid Conditioning at the Roots

This is one of the simplest ways to manage oily hair. When visiting a hairdresser a few years ago, I had a bit of a moan to her about my locks. She told me that she can space out washes by only using conditioner halfway down. Once a week, she uses a hair mask or Moroccan oil. This works quite well, but you really will need that hair mask when the week comes to an end.

Stock up on Talcum Powder
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