15 Tantalizing Tips and Ways to Use Your Flat Iron ...

There are lots of ways to use your flat iron besides just using it to straighten your hair. Straighteners are actually quite the versatile product and can be used to create different looks and while they do a fabulous job of straightening your strands, they can be used for other things as well. If you’re interested in learning some helpful tips on getting the most out of your straightener as well as some new ways to use your flat iron, keep reading to get all the details!

1. Get to Know Your Plates

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Before we get into the ways to use your flat iron, let’s get to know your flat iron a little better. Did you know that the type of plates you have make a difference? I honestly thought there wasn’t much of a difference between flat irons unless you spend beaucoup bucks, but that’s not always the case. There are several different types of plates including ion, tourmaline, ceramic, titanium and sapphire. One of the most popular is ceramic which have the advantage of penetrating the hair shaft so that you can straighten your hair in less time with less heat. Then there are tourmaline plates, which create negatives ions to reduce frizz and creates additional pressure on your hair so that your tresses are shiny and sleek.

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