7 Things to Know before You Straighten Your Hair ...


There’s a lot of things to know before you straighten your hair if you want healthy hair! Straightening your hair is already a science as it is, when you try to avoid crimps from the iron, straightening your hair too flat and taking away the volume, and getting your hair to not do that flip out if that’s not the look you’re going for. But, there’s a lot more to straightening your hair than the superficial stuff because you’re dealing with a concentrated amount of high heat. Here are important things to know before you straighten your hair.

1. 325 Degrees

One of the things to know before you straighten your hair is what temperature to style your hair. When straightening your hair you might be tempted to turn the dial on your flat iron to the maximum temperature for salon perfect hair. However, anyone who straightens their hair on a regular basis knows all too well that straightening your hair at such a high temperature will damage your hair immediately. The maximum temperature you should be straightening your hair is at 325 degrees to avoid serious damage to the hair.

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