7 Things to Note when Dyeing Your Hair for the First Time ...


Dyeing your hair for the first time is a lot more of an experience than I initially thought. I just recently dyed my hair for the first time during my birthday weekend. Previous to that I had virgin hair, I didn’t own a blow dryer, and I only styled my hair with heat a maximum of 4 times a month. My hair was essentially healthy, soft, and low maintenance. However, after dyeing my hair the health of my hair went from 100 to 0 by the time I left the salon. At first I was irritated and I felt regret but I obviously overreacted and have since learned how to manage my hair. To keep the shock of dyeing your hair to a minimum here are a few things to keep in mind when dyeing your hair for the first time.

1. It’s Not a One Time Thing

One of the things you should know when dyeing your hair for the first time is that it is not a going to be a one time thing. That means two things, first your hair will be processed again so make sure to keep your hair healthy in between appointments. Second, make sure you have the funds to upkeep your hair. The reason I say dyeing your hair is not a one time thing is because hair dye fades after several washes or from being under the sun too much. So keep this in mind when dyeing your hair, especially a bright colour like red or purple.

Investing in Products
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