7 Tips for Changing Your Hair Color Safely ...


Tips for changing hair color might be the most useful thing a girl can read as she starts thinking about changing her looks a bit. But seriously – some will help you determine which colors look best with your skin tone, some will help you learn new things about various dying techniques and some will even help you learn how to dye hair safely! If this last sounds like something you might be interested to know more about (and I know it does) do keep reading, as I’m about to share a few tips for safe dying you’ll definitely find useful:

1. Lighten It in Stages

First on my list of tips for changing hair color dramatically comes from a pro colorist Nancy Brown. She advises you to be patient and work your way to a desired color slowly and most importantly, safely! This basically means that you’ll need to lighten up your dark tresses to a medium to light brown shade first then work your way through the color chart to get the desired shade. Follow the same principle and lighten your new light brown even further if you want to go blonde, settling for a golden blonde first before moving to an even lighter shade.

Try Toners and Tints
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