8 Tips for Choosing Perfect Hair Color ...


How To Choose A Hair Color that looks natural, yet let’s you try out different looks? How to choose a hair color that’s not even close to your natural hair color and yet matches your complexion perfectly? And most importantly – How to choose a hair color that won’t make you think “Gosh, what was I thinking?” whenever you look at yourself in the mirror? Well, the answers are right here and they are just a mouse click away!

1. Choose Hair Colors According to Your Skin Tone

Wondering how to choose a hair color that works best for your skin tone? Well, here’s one tip that’s going to make it much easier. Now, I’m sure each of you already knows her skin tone well enough to determine whether it falls under the “warm” or “cold” category which certainly is something you’ll need to pay attention to when choosing the best hair color. If you’re blessed with warm, yellowish-brownish-goldenish undertones, you’ll want to keep your hair color warm as well to avoid looking tired or, even worse, corpse-like. If you’re, in the other hand, proud of your cool, pale or olive complexion, you’ll want to accent it by opting for colors that are shiny, ashy and free of all red or gold undertones.

Pick Two or Three Complimentary Shades
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