9 Tips for Doing Your Own Highlights ...


Last week, I went to my stylist for a trim, and she complimented my highlights, then asked (in a rather hurt tone) who did them. When I told her I did my own highlights, she was surprised, and I was flattered โ€” Iโ€™ve been doing them myself for years, mostly because I was budget-conscious, not because I thought Iโ€™d get salon results. I got some more advice from my stylist, and I canโ€™t wait to do them myself again next month. Here are 9 tips for doing your own highlights. Can you do them yourself, and shock your own stylist? Letโ€™s seeโ€ฆ

1. Test It out

Once youโ€™ve selected the home highlights product you want to use, itโ€™s time to test it to make sure it works on your hair, before you attempt to do your whole head. Choose a strand of hair where no one will be able to see (at the bottom, in the back) and apply the product according to the instructions. Wait for the required time, rinse, dry, and see if you like the results. If itโ€™s not blonde enough, reapply and wait longer in increments of 10 minutes; if itโ€™s too blonde, subtract increments of 10 minutes til you have the shade you want.

Do It Dirty
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