7 Tips for Matching Hair Color with Skin Tone ...


How to match hair color with skin tone and obtain a perfectly natural yet fresh new look you’ll love? Ah, now that’s a great question to ask and having it answered will put you on a sure path to success! You see, matching hair color and skin tone should be one of your top priorities if you want that natural-looking color that accents all of your best features, enhancing your natural beauty and glow. And since I know that’s exactly what most girls want, here are a few tips on how to choose the right hair color:

1. Get to Know Your Skin Tone

First of my tips on how to match hair color with skin tone is to really get to know your skin tone! It’s kind of like picking the perfect foundation or makeup – you can’t hope to get a natural look and enhance your lovely features if you don’t know anything about your skin type and skin tone. But, guess what? Learning the basic things about your skin tone isn’t hard at all! All you have to know is whether yours is cool or warm so take a look at the veins on your arms and you’ll know for sure – if they are green, you’re the warm type and if they are blue, your skin tone is cool.

Find Your Ideal Colors
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