Tips for Picking the Perfect Hairdryer for You ...


Before you hand over that Groupon coupon or revel in that great sale bargain, think about that hairdryer you’re just about to purchase. You might think that any old hairdryer will do because it’s the way you style your hair and the products you use that make the difference. Wrong. Not all hairdryers are created equal. Follow these tips for picking a hairdryer and make a sound purchasing decision.

1. Hair Type

When thinking about how to choose a hairdryer, one of your primary concerns should be to consider the type of hair that you have. Women who have naturally straight hair do not necessarily need a very high powered dryer to help them tame their unruly locks, whereas those with curlier hair may need more power to help keep their style together. Similarly, those with fine hair do not want a super heating dryer as it will only prove to cause unwanted damage to your delicate follicles.

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