7 Trendy Must Have Hair Accessories for Spring ...

Forget about your arm candy and dainty rings, and let’s focus more on hair accessories for spring. With warm weather finally here, it is time to take off our beanies and add some flare to our hair. Hairpieces are becoming quite trendy, so it’s the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon. Hair accessories for spring such as flower clips and bows have been seen repeatedly on the runways as well as on stars like Ariana Grande and Vanessa Hudgens.

1. Flower Headband

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Flowers in the hair have always been feminine and pretty, but now they are also some of the trendiest hair accessories for spring! So whether you are going for more of a bohemian look or just an effortlessly girly one, adding a flower headband will make your outfit. It adds texture to your hair for more of a fun and eye-catching look, making you feel like a girl running freely in a field of flowers.

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