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Out of your normal hair serum? Don’t panic! There are lots of things you can use as a hair smoothing product. They may be a bit unusual but they can get the job done.

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Hand Lotion

Hand lotion is a great hair smoothing product in a pinch. But there’s a trick to making this work without going overboard. Apply a dab of hand lotion to your hands as you normally would. Then using your hands, smooth down any frizzy or uncooperative areas of hair. You don’t want to apply the hand lotion directly to your hair because it can easily make you look like a grease monkey which is something no one wants!



The same principle applies when using your daily conditioner as a hair smoothing product. A little goes a long way. Use only a pea size amount and apply sparingly. Remember that conditioner is really designed to be rinsed out so it’s very moisturizing. You only need a little bit of that effect to smooth your hair.


Olive Oil

Olive oil can make a great stand in for your favorite hair serum. It smoothes hair wonderfully. Use only a couple of drops at a time. You can always use more but you can’t always remove the product once it’s applied. I actually know of hairdressers that’ve recommended olive oil to smooth hair or to treat dry ends. It works equally well for both purposes.


A Touch of Clear Lip Balm

Surprised by this one? It’s definitely unusual but it also definitely works. Lip balms are generally very waxy products which work well at smoothing down unruly hair or working it into place. Rub just a bit on your fingertips and go to work. You may fall in love with how well this works that you find yourself reaching for your lip balm when you’re having a crazy hair day. Who knew lip balms could be so multipurpose, right?


Satin Pillowcases

This is a great way to have smooth hair as well as to prevent wrinkles. Satin or silk pillowcases are your friends, girls and they offer you multiple benefits. They work wonderfully at smoothing your hair, fighting frizz, preventing bed head and at keeping your face soft and youthful. With this many benefits why wouldn’t you sleep on a satin pillowcase? You’ll feel like a princess on such luxurious fabric!


Used Fabric Softener Sheets

Used fabric sheets can be used for many different things. They have household uses such as being a good dust cloth or tucking in between couch cushions to give a light fragrance to your furniture. But let’s talk what they can do for your hair. They’re great at fighting both static and frizz. Simply rub your hand over a used fabric softener sheet and then over your hair. You’ll find your hair is smooth and perfectly in place when you use this tip.



Yes it’s true, just a bit of water can be a great hair smoothing product. It’s unusual because you don’t think to use water to smooth your hair. Let me tell you why this works. Water reactivates the hair products you already have in your hair. So if you used any hair products at all while styling your hair then they can be temporarily reactivated to give you the ability to smooth your hair back into the exact style you’re going for.

These are 7 unusual things that work wonderfully at smoothing hair. What unusual things have you found that works at this purpose? I can’t wait to read your responses!

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Water doesn't work for me it actually makes my hair even frizzier😩


Agreed @melanie

Coconut oil, I just discovered today, is a miracle worker!! It works WONDERS, let me tell you. 😍😍😍

Coconut oil all the way smells great too xxxx

@Leona, Same I just discovered this too! Thanks @Alicia for posting this!

I use olive oil, gives me glossy soft hair

I constantly use lotion the way mentioned. It works! I can't imagine using olive oil for anything but cooking.

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