7 Variations on the Classic Bob ...


The bob is one of the most classic, iconic hairstyles you can get. It has easily withstood the test of time, in part because it evolves with the times. This is without question one of my favorite haircuts. Am I sporting it right now? Yes and no. I actually have a modern version of the style right now. That's the great thing about this hairstyle – there are so many different versions! In fact, here are several variations on the classic bob that I'm sure you'll love!

1. The Face-Framer

One variation on the classic bob is the face-framing variation. This bob is more contemporary, featuring angled layers that, you guessed it, frame your face! It can be done with or without bangs. With bangs, however, they too should be angled, softly side swept, and not too thick, or else it can throw off the look.

The Bang-ed Bob
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