7 Ways a Vitamin Deficiency Affects Your Hair ...


Those split ends, frizzy days, and dull dry hair spells you might be suffering from can all be due to a simple vitamin deficiency, which is luckily an easy fix! Your hairโ€™s health depends on what nutrients you feed it. It doesnโ€™t just take care of itself! Plus, with all the products most of us put on our hair, weโ€™re asking our poor strands to work overtime to look great around the clock. Your hair health might just be a sign of a common vitamin deficiency and within a few weeks of changing your diet and perhaps taking a few safe supplements, those difficult strands can become a complete thing of the past.

1. Zinc

ZInc is one of the most important nutrients for your hair and a vitamin deficiency linked to zinc shortage can cause everything from hair loss to constant shedding. This crucial mineral is good for your hormone health, immune system, and your skin, hair, and nails. If you notice constant shedding of your hair, it could be linked to zinc. You can take a supplement of zinc, or look at your diet. Zinc is plentiful in oysters, nuts, seeds, chicken, yogurt, and turkey.

Vitamin B
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