12 Genius πŸ’‘ Ways for Curly Haired Girls πŸ‘© to Coddle πŸ€— Their Curls πŸŒ€ ...


Are you looking for some ways for curly girls to coddle their curls? Let’s face it dolls, we all do not have naturally straight hair, or have straight hair and wish from time to time that we can get some nice curls. As a naturally curly haired girl, I can share with you the fact that I have straightened my hair countless times and did not appreciate my curls.

But those days are far behind me, and now I embrace my curls. Part of my reasoning was to reverse the damage I have caused to my hair due to heat styling and hair dying.

I have embraced a new philosophy to adopt a new and much healthier head of hair by loving my curly hair, and I will share with you the top 12 ways for curly girls to coddle their curls.

1. Co-washing

This is definitely one of the best ways for curly girls to coddle their curls. Science has proven that sulfates, silicones, and parabens are bad for your hair due to their ability to act as detergents. Conditioners have natural cleansing like abilities and are much gentler on your strands. Co-washing has been adopted by many girls who are deciding to coddle their curls too, and many companies cater to the phenomenon. The only drawback is these cleansers do not lather much.

Sulfate, Silicone, and Paraben Free Shampoo Products
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