8 Ways to Keep Your Hair Color from Fading ...


There are many ways to keep hair color from fading and, believe it or not, neither one of them requires a lot of money or a team of professional stylists! The conclusion? Even a regular girl can have a vibrant, fresh hair color like Rihanna and the only thing she needs to do is put a little bit of thought and effort into it! And here are a few fool-proof tips on how maintain vibrant hair color that looks great each day and every day:

1. Opt for a Professional Dye

Opting for a professional permanent color instead of a semi-permanent supermarket solution is one of many ways to keep hair color from fading. Simply ask around to find out which cosmetic brand has the best and the most long lasting palette of reds/violets/browns/blondes or any other color you’re looking for and use it to color your hair.

Use a Mild Shampoo
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