You Will Be Shocked when You Hear This about Your Hair ...


When your hair looks its best is usually right after you wash and style it, right? What if I told you that you can have amazing hair on day two, three, and even four of not washing? Sounds ridiculous, but it can be done! Your hair will be full of texture, bounce, and volume even if you don’t wash it every day. Keep reading to learn how to achieve this kind of hair and why skipping a wash or two will encourage healthier hair!

1. Make Sure You Are Shampooing Your Hair Thoroughly and Using Quality Products

Most people are shocked to learn that they aren’t really shampooing their hair correctly! You need to concentrate on washing the hair closest to the scalp and the scalp itself more than the ends. Even if you have a ton of product in your hair, the product will wash out as the shampoo flows down. If you only get the surface, or top hairs clean then it makes sense why your hair looks oily the next day. Buy a salon quality shampoo, which cleans better and much gentler than a cheap drugstore shampoo!

Learn How to Backcomb Your Hair for Extra Volume
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